ConvergeSouth 2008 and BlogHer Alternative

convergesouth2008.png It’s that time of year again. And Sue’s done a fantastic job at coordinating the event. Yet again. Kudos, Sue. As always, you’re awesome. I had thought I’d be more involved this year, but with Firelace launching our product, Merchant’s Mirror, during the same time, my time has been limited.
But in any case, October 16 and 17th are the dates for this year. Conference day is the 17th and the annual barbeque at Hoggards, and if you want to go to a dinner, then the speakers will be in on the 16th. Those that are signed up for the video tour will be doing that in the afternoon of the 16th. On the 18th there was supposed to be the BlogHer Road Show, but for whatever reason, they canceled because not enough people signed up, or resources or something. Personally, I’m just a little annoyed by the “month” out cancellation instead of giving enough notice since it threw the people that already had non-refundable tickets holding the ball. Sorry, but while I agree that conferences are planned by human beings, I personally found that it to be somewhat bad form.
Fortunately, a buddy of mine, Dave Slusher of Evil Genius Chronicles and Kelby Carr of Type A Mom have decided to make the best of it and setting up sessions and workshops on short notice and developing BlogHer Alternative in a month’s time.
Whomever said that bloggers aren’t a dynamic bunch, has another thing coming! Anyhow, I’m glad a bunch of bloggers got together and said… hey… we’re going to be there anyways. Dave, you know that you got me working if ya’ll need me. I’ll be there.