Blinds conspiracy

Whom do I have to speak to in getting out of this custom blinds type of scenario? I mean seriously. Is there some window blinds mafia that you have to initiate into?
Here’s the deal. We’re looking for some blinds for the house, and they measure out to be 25″ from inside edge to inside edge. We’re not talking about a custom-built house here, oh no. It’s a spec home and a dang nice one (at least we love it). So you’d think that everything is standard right?
Apparently most people that have three pane windows all have it custom done. What’s strange is that if you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, they have every single odd numbered inch you could think of “except” 25 inches. I mean, why they skip from 23 to 27 is beyond me. And why this even occurs? What the heck.
So someone point me in the direction of whom I have to pay homage to as I’d like to get some blinds up.
Photo Credit: (unfoldedorigami)