Trend Micro HouseCall

housecall.gif When Trend Micro first came out with HouseCall, this online antivirus scanner was only IE enabled. Very annoying, but also pretty useful considering it was one of the few if not only online enabled antivirus scanners. This meant that as long as you had an Internet connection, you could work on an infected system without having to worry if your rescue media had the latest and greatest antivirus definitions.
Well, they’ve come a long ways. now support Firefox and even MacOSX, it now has a lot better support. In fact, it can even scan in linux and Solaris. Goodness gracious. Unix online virus scan? Wow. Maybe Clam has a bit catching up to do.
While it now does have the two different engines that run (the ActiveX one that used to be the only one) ActiveX and Java, I have to say that there are a couple cons to this product. The first would be the fact that it doesn’t seem to have support for Firefox versions 2 or later. What’s with that? Firefox has got to be one of the more dominant browser types. And what about Opera or Safari? Well… no matter. The second is that if I remember correctly with the older ActiveX engine, it took a dang long time to load. Why didn’t they just implement it directly in the Java engine and throw away the ActiveX? java does actually work in Windows you know.
Regardless? I do love recommending this when someone thinks they are in need of antivirus and I’m not there to help them. It’s easy enough to run yourself and there’s less worries that there will be a virus smart enough to actually detect a Java or ActiveX engine antivirus scanner. Perhaps they might, but the likelihood would be more so on an attack of the offline scanners if anything. Just take a look and bookmark it for the next time you might need it.