Solaris: Console loss fix after cold boot

solaris.jpg If you’re sitting at a server, there should be three lights on it. One LED is the power. The next is maintenance. The third is system (looks like a two arrows in a circular pattern).
Depending on the light blinking, it can tell you crazy things. Like whether or not your server is entirely hosed. On a Sun 3500, here are the LED codes:
Left LED (green)
On — the power supply is delivering DC power
Middle LED (yellow)
On flashing — (first 60 seconds of AC power) self tests are running
Off — (after self tests end) no hardware failures detected
On — (after self tests end) hardware failure was detected
Right LED (green)
Off — (first 60 seconds of AC power) self tests are running
On flashing — (after self tests end) system is running
Off — (after self tests end) system cannot run; repair is needed
I can tell you that the issue I ran into was an Left: On, Middle: Off, Right: Flashing. According to the chart above, the server is working right? But it was after a cold boot because the console froze on a probe-scsi-all. And the console would not come back up. After spending much frustrated time trying to figure out how to make it connect again, I did the following:
Power cycle console.
Yup. That’s it. That resets the console to work with the server. Go figure. And it seems that not many people run into this issue since I have yet to see a fix documented somewhere for this. Oh well. Good times.