Skiiers and snowboarders will soon be afraid to enter the UK…

If you have anything to do with winter sports, I’d probably avoid the U.K. for now. News of the confiscation of the War on Terror: The Boardgame is spreading like wild fire all over the Net.
Why? Because ‘the balaclava “could be used to conceal someone’s identity or could be used in the course of a criminal act”.’ Wow. And you would think that the word Evil printed on it doesn’t throw someone off a bit. And on top of it, pretty much every person that has ever worn face protection for skiing or snowboarding has owned something that could be used for some bad act. In fact, you could wear costume masks from Halloween and whatever else you see on television or movies.
Next thing you know, pantyhose and cosmetics will be confiscated since they can “conceal someone’s identity”. At which that point, there would be officers’ wives revolting. Or something. Now if it wasn’t a legitimate product, and there were fake pistols or something in the game, I would say that it might put security at risk. But a giant stitched “EVIL” across the forehead? Wow.
Either that, or there’s a huge conspiracy from the companies that make those jester type snowboarding hats.