Sarah Palin choice a brilliant move by McCain camp

165px-Palin1.JPG What a move by the McCain camp. I’m not one for the political mumbo jumbo, but this was a great way to divide up the Democratic vote. Especially after the bitter Democratic nominee runoff.
This choice of running mate shows one of two things. The first is that the Republicans can also nominate women into Vice Presidential candidacy which puts Obama at a disadvantage since he didn’t go with Clinton as his VP choice. The second is to divide the HRC voting group up. In both instances, in waiting until Obama had already made a play, this was actually a brilliant political move. In either case, it shows that GOP can also put women into power and with the back-and-forth during the Democratic nomination, it reinforces those that are more conservative but sided with Hillary to make the leap.
The election year for 2008 is definitely going to be interesting although I have a few thoughts myself on where it’s actually going to eventually end up based on electoral votes and certain geographical trends. It isn’t quite a check yet, but watch out. Definitely a Bishop and Pawn vs Knight play.