Price of textbooks skyrockets money out of your wallet

It’s an amazing thing, that the cost of being a student has risen in the past decade. In talking with a friend, I was told that a freshman’s first semester these days depending on major can easily run over a thousand dollars in textbooks. A grand? Are you friggin’ serious?
That’s absolutely ridiculous considering a couple facts. One is that your textbooks only get more expensive as you progress up through seniority in college. Mainly this is because it’s more specific knowledge, and being that there are less people that learn it, the publisher looks to capitalize on those that do. But to give an example of the difference of textbook costs, my freshman year in college ran about four hundred or so dollars. As the years progressed, I believe my highest book costs were in senior year around eight hundred dollars. Some of this cost is recouped in sell-backs, but not much since you only get maybe a fourth of the price you paid if I remember correctly.
Costs can be further pushed back by buying used books. Or even ordering the text versions from another source such as Amazon. But some collegiate bookstores are now going through the nasty gestapo tactic of giving you the book lists in advance or not giving them to you at all forcing non-outspoken students to buy only from the school bookstore.
It’s not wonder that there are open source books are now becoming more and more popular. I do understand that some texts supplement some professors’ incomes but on the flip side, I also do remember some absolutely ridiculous Calculus texts that cost close to sixty dollars that were bound like the stuff you get at Kinkos.
Scary stuff. Education is becoming unaffordable with these insane costs that hit the students’ wallets. Now, granted that bio and chem books are more expensive in the long run so if you don’t have a major that requires them, it might be cheaper. But shelling out even a measly five hundred a semester racks up like nothing else. And if you’re on a quarter system? Woe is you. Three times a year versus twice for semester based.
And here you thought that people wanted you to have an education. They do. They just want you to rack up some serious student debt on textbooks too, as if tuition alongside room and board wasn’t hurting your wallet already.