Netflix having issues with inventory system

Netflix, Inc. Full disclosure: I’m also a shareholder of this company.
It seems like Netflix has been having some issues with their inventory systems and it’s actually costing them a lot of money with each day that it’s down. As of today, it’s still not completely fixed but as a customer? I’m not that worried.
One of the most interesting things about being a customer of Netflix is that even when you don’t know about the problems they’re having? They find some way to make it up to you, and everyone else that’s effected or would have been effected by it. Even it wasn’t exactly their fault. In this case, their inventory system blew up somehow and caused delays to the delivery systems.
That would explain a lot considering we had returned a couple things, but there weren’t replacements. Looking online, it seems like they’re set to ship tomorrow, but who really knows for sure. But really, the greatest part is this:

We’re sorry to report that since Tuesday we’ve been experiencing issues with our shipping system, so many of you have not received DVDs in a timely manner and many of you have not received emails letting you know we got a DVD back from you.
We pride ourselves in delighting you, and we’ve let you down. We apologize and are working around the clock to restore normal operations. To all of you whose shipments have been delayed, we’ll be automatically applying a credit to your next billing statement. Or, if you are new to Netflix and your first shipments have been delayed, we recognize that this is not a good way to begin your Netflix membership and we’ll automatically extend your free trial.
Our goal is to ship DVDs as soon as possible and to keep you updated. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you and thank you for your patience.
The Netflix Team

See that middle paragraph? They’re going to credit people because of it. Yes, it was their fault, but you know how many corporations don’t play the right customer service role to solidify loyalty? Many. And Netflix continues to surprise me with this type of attitude. That kind of stuff will get them far in a world where customer loyalty is hard to come by.