Movie Review: Thr3e

There’s just something about really good psychological thrillers that keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. And usually, they have some sort of crazy psychotic killer in them. Usually.
So it wasn’t any surprise that Thr3e was as predictable as it was. I’d say that half-way through the movie, I had already made several assumptions and they were confirmed by certain thoughts when they showed parts of the end. I was actually somewhat surprised since there was a part that I didn’t quite get and that part also didn’t make too much sense.
But that’s okay. It’s Hollywood! Things don’t have to make sense. Or something like that.
While being a total bomb in the box office, and being ripped apart by movie critics, I actually found it to be one of the better thriller movies that I’ve seen. There are so many bad ones out there that this was almost a breath of fresh air. So maybe it’s just one of those things. An interesting factoid is that this movie was distributed by Fox Faith which targets evangelical Christians. While the book of the same name by Ted Dekker, is found under contemporary Christian literature, I really didn’t find this movie exactly having Christian content. I suppose being derived from one that writes Christian literature was good enough, but psycho killer films just doesn’t exactly ring with faith, regardless of the religion.
Definitely an interesting choice of distributors. But it still captured my attention long enough to be very enjoyable.