Movie Review: Lost Boys: The Tribe

It’s unfortunate that this movie followed the cult classic, The Lost Boys. A classic vampire hunter movie, this sequel fell short of its predecessor by focusing a lot upon sex, a lot of underaged drinking, and drug references. Actually found it kind of amusing that a lot of the things this movie did was totally out in left field (like the whole baiting of the Sheriff to come chase them scene).
On top of that, as far as I could tell with the references to age of characters, at least the Nicole Emerson, to be under the legal drinking age. Yet, both of them are out holding alcohol at multiple points of the film.
The Tribe itself looked like a fraternity gone bad. They performed entirely juvenile acts and was surprising that Shane (the head vampire) would even do the things he did or make these guys his minions. Why indeed? They were so stupid most of the movie that it was a wonder that they didn’t stake themselves.
Most of this movie could probably be attributed to a bad vision and somewhat blech script. Which makes it hard to deal with since there were good actors/actresses and it could have pulled off the entire “cheesy vamp” feel but still holding the nostalgia of the older glory. Unfortunately, I just kept looking and looking for something more from Lost Boys: The Tribe, but it never got there. The end came and gone and I was still waiting. Still am. What the heck.