Movie Review: Jumper

While the preview looked pretty awesome, I have to say that overall? I wasn’t that impressed with Jumper.
We won’t go into names, but a certain “Jumper” happens to like to rob banks and commit absolutely stupid decisions. Even at his age, I kept on thinking… you stupid idiot, quit thinking like that, the ENTIRE movie. I think for whatever reason, the script was trying to portray him as a hurt individual and emotional but it just came across as the guy had no plain sense and you wondered how he lasted as long as he did.
At some point, you meet up with a secondary character (another Jumper) which makes it a bit more interesting. In fact, I probably would have preferred that character to be the guy in charge. Usually, people aren’t interested in characters that basically put all sorts of people’s lives in danger and then look down and say a pitiful “sorry”. Not that this happened, but it might as well have.
What captured me in the end was what was in the preview. Which was the teleportation effects. That in itself would hold your attention span for a little bit, but not long enough to make you pay attention due to the main character’s immaturity. Definitely not what I’d expect from an adaptation from Stephen Gould’s novel, but what do I know. Apparently, a lot of people went to see it in the theaters even though the critics also thought it stunk.