Movie Review: Doomsday

This was one British film that I was looking forward to seeing after seeing the previews. It was a Madmax type post-apocalyptical film where the Reaper virus wipes out many people and the government walls them off and abandons them. Thinking that they’ve all died, satellite imagery picks up one day that people are still alive there. And London suddenly has an outbreak of the virus again.
So they send Major Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) of the Department of Domestic Security, off to find the cure in the zone with a military team.
Doomsday, while pretty interesting, was also way too bloody and gory for my tastes. The movie itself shows cannibalism, and decapitation of which seems to be a part of movies these days, even though there’s not much need for it. All in all, I thought that it was a brilliantly conceptual movie but didn’t need all the mumbo jumbo gore factor.
What was interesting in this movie was the way it portrayed government thought. Here, it basically had a Prime Minister that was controlled by a fascist advisor. And how they would hold-back the cure to seem like they were heroes when they released it. That’s pretty ruthless, but sometimes people make everything political. Thought that was definitely interesting. While this movie had some reminiscence of Children of Men, I think that it didn’t quite reach the depth of that film.
Apple iTunes If you would rather get this movie digitally, I would recommend taking a look at the iTunes version of it. This movie was the first Bluray release by Universal since HDDVD so, you’d be missing out on some of the quality factor, but sometimes… it just really doesn’t matter for some movies.