magento.jpg If you’ve been looking for an ecommerce package since you’re setting up an online storefront and you want to find something that’s beautiful but also easy to manage, I would suggest you take a look at Magento.
Magento has taken the open source world by storm and won many awards for usability and design as of recent. I’ve been following them ever since they released in beta in hopes that they would provide a much needed re-design of currently bloated and annoying configurations of current online stores. No offense to the other projects, but it’s just ugly.
Currently, I have this in actual production and I have to say that it’s very much what it strives to be, which is easy usability but the look is sexy and wanting. Simple but complex. What every piece of software strives to be. There are always new things coming out and outside of the default designs being somewhat limited, it provides a great foundation for any sort of online ecommerce. It also allows you to focus mainly on the design instead of the lack of functionality.
If you’re looking to upgrade your store, or even looking to open one on the Internet, I would take a look at their tour, and demo, and see if that would fit the bill. I can tell you that from someone’s that implemented a multitude of stores, this was one of the easiest to configure and manage in a very long time.