dropuploadeng.gif I saw DropUpload first on DLS a while back.
I have to admit that while it’s a pretty good idea, there could be a little more to it. You can’t ask too much from Windows freeware though. Here’s the deal. Basically, it’s a windowed ftp that allows you to drag and drop your files. Your files are then transferred directly to a set directory. You don’t get to browse directory structures or none of that. This isn’t a full-fledged ftp client after all!
What’s interesting though is that you can create multiple drop sites and servers with paths linked to them. So you could technically distribute multiple files to different sites and places very quickly if you used this. Overall, it comes across as a distribution type of software (which actually makes me suspect some of the actual uses behind it, but that’s for another day).
Either way? If you need a quick way to dump things into a directory on a server, this is a good way to do it in Windows. If you have a Mac, then most likely you already drag-and-drop your files into ftp clients anyways.