1_blists_t.jpg If you’re looking for a client that can do everything1, then Digsby might be your key to a bright bright future.
It can do all of your major IMs (Yahoo, AIM, Microsoft Live, ICQ, and more), and it can check email and connect up with Facebook, Twitter, and keep track of several social networking things all from one single client.
This is actually pretty neato skippy, although I have to say that with all of this, I’m actually surprised that it doesn’t support IRC at all like some other IM clients. Sort of important if you’re actually trying to do the whole all-in-one thing (of which I totally approve). It supports Windows, MacOSX, and linux, which is great and I have to say that it really takes all-in-one clients to a new level. Remember back in the gaim and trillian days? Oh yes. It was nice wasn’t it. This just makes it that much better.
1 – Everything is is slightly relative isn’t it.