Comcast limits users to 250G a month

…and personally, I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot. 250G a month might sound like a lot but let me put it another way. Those that have moved their phone service, and actually watch HD content online are going to get hit hard. Very hard. Think about it.
250G divided by 30 days is 8.3G a day. If you take a look at your HD content, A single Bluray disc can store up to 50G but assuming that you cut out all of the scary stuff, you’re still looking at a DVD’s worth of video at about 1.5-3G. Then consider if you actually run services like Netflix Instant viewing. Yes? Internet radio? That’s some more bandwidth. And don’t forget podcasters, and other folks that stream audio and video and people that use Skype and Vonage.
In fact, in total, the HD and digital television channels use way more than 250G a month of bandwidth unless they’re paring it down to 320×240 resolution. It’s ridiculous to even cap when you pay $50/month for digital television and the same $50/month for bandwidth but television takes more?
It’s a bad move by Comcast, and even the cable television industry as a whole. In doing this, they not only will be giving up any leeway they gained from infiltrating on the telcos for phone service, but they also open the doorway for the telcos to reap turnover for those that are looking to regain some of their lost revenue.
Photo Credit: (scriptingnews)