Buckcherry caught trying to blame pirates

Right now, it seems kind of silly that the band Buckcherry, was caught trying to play the whole piracy angle. The single, Black Butterfly, had leaked onto BT sites but they also threw out a press release saying how they hate how pirates got to it.
Amusingly, BT site Torrentfreak, traced it back to a band manager for Buckcherry. Obviously drumming up publicity. What Torrentfreak said is correct. Pirated anything, be it merchandise or software or even media, has to come from somewhere. There is always an insider involved most likely since it doesn’t magically appear just as the money in the bank vaults don’t magically appear in your wallet.
Another perspective however, is why they thought to blame pirates. I have some sort of feeling that they had felt (or perhaps the band manager) that pirated music is equated to wanted music. What they don’t seem to understand is that while that’s true somewhat, pretty much anything that isn’t locked down is probably traded in the warez scene just on different tiers. BT sites aren’t any different.
Feels so juvenile to go… “ooooohh…BUSTED…” but just can’t help it.