Be careful who you get to fix your computer

Sometimes, it probably pays to know exactly whom you’re taking your computer to when you have it fixed. Ever done some easy background checks on corporations that you do business with? Well, sometimes it pays to do so.
Here, a lady found her computer was running slower than when she brought it in to have it repaired. Another shop found that the previous repair person had installed webcam spy software and had it set to upload pictures. And apparently this was going on with multiple women on who’s computers he fixed.
Scary. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily help you out if you have someone look at your computer from say…. Geek Squad, considering how many times they’ve been busted too from copying pictures and such from people’s hard drives. In the end, it just pays to know someone that you trust to manage your IT work. Just because you pay them money, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re looking out for your benefit and not their own.
[shiver] Creepy.
Photo Credit: (3blindmice)