Anime Review: Witchblade

I have to say that this series was very interesting in the fact that it was drawn for men…. but the plot seemed to be written more for women. Which was baffling.
The style of drawing was done in a very similar way of Aeon Flux in the sense of over-accentuating the female form. But on the flip side, this anime was actually very much about a mother’s love for her child and what she goes through to protect her child. The end seemed a bit rushed, which makes you think that they knew that there were only going to be so many episodes.
Interestingly enough, this storyline was done as a cooperation between Gonzo and Top Cow (who owns the franchise). And unlike the usual storyline, this was done with all new characters, new plot, and all that.
Overall, I enjoyed this series although I think the ending could have been a little bit more drawn out instead of seemingly to fall all on the last episode. Sometimes, the wrap-ups are all a bit … hurried in many animes and this didn’t seem different in that sense. If you like what you see, I’d probably look into getting the Witchblade Box Set since it’s actually a pretty fair price when it comes to anime series box sets.