1-800-flowers.com service is flower powered

18flogo2.gif I have to say that there are some services that have fantastic service.
A couple days ago, I had called 1-800-flowers since something had been bugging me. About two weeks ago, I had bought a bouquet of flowers. Now the flowers that came didn’t look like the ones in the picture, but I thought nothing of it. I did find it strange however since I thought I had purchased a vase with it but it didn’t come with one.
So I got in touch with Kim, from the Oklahoma call center. I have to say that speaking to this lady was a pleasure since she was cheerful and very apologetic. I have to believe that even if I was an irate customer, that she would have defused the situation with the tone of her voice, and how she responded. First, it was with my original order that I had wanted to pick but didn’t since the website was messed up. After chatting about it a little bit, she could recreate the issue with her manager and told me that a ticket was opened with the IT department to have it fixed and to try back in a couple days. Needless to say, that particular product actually was fixed later that evening when I tested it again just to see.
Then came my vase question. The order had gone through a couple weeks now and the flowers were dead and gone, but I was just curious to know if i did indeed purchase a vase or not. I told her nothing came, and she didn’t even question it and instead apologized and refunded my money. Wow. I have to say, that’s indeed superb service.
I even asked her about the point system since it was something that they recently implemented and she laughed and told me that she thought they expired in a year, even though I read that they expired in 90 days. She gave me a number to VIP customer support (actually the one she had listed to Petal Points that apparently goes to VIP support) and I confirmed the 90 days.
I have to say that I have never once had a problem with any of my calls into 1-800-flowers.com and each of them have been very nice and friendly and could fix whatever problem I was having or actually told me if they didn’t know. Friendly people that can laugh over the phone usually helps diffuse many angry customers (of which are usually the ones that call in). I’m glad that the somewhat premium that you pay with them not only shows up in the products, but also shows in the staff they employ.