WordPress 2.6 is live!

wordpress.jpg It’s interesting that after I had announced that 2.6 was out when the WP dev team released it, and had upgraded the couple of blogs I manage over to 2.6, that there hasn’t been much talk about it, at least not in my circles.
And I also don’t see huge changes that are just super impressive. So far, there is group editing where it’s more like wikis in the fact that it keeps track of changes, and Google Gears support which allows some caching, and a bookmarklet that allows you to post from anywhere.
Kinda neat is the images addition where you can add captions, SSL support in the core, and just more in general moves towards better usability. And they invalidated my buddy, TD’s plugin, by rolling in word count! Sorry buddy.
All in all, it didn’t take but thirty seconds to upgrade since I have the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. The ease of use is definitely one of the key features of WP.

UPDATE (7/16): My bad. I checked out the word count integration in WP2.6, and all it is right now is a “word count”. TD’s plugin itself does an entire breakdown not only on posts, but all of the posts each author does, a ranking system, and a whole lot more.