Sometimes, the old applications just work better

Sometimes, newer isn’t always better. In fact, there are many people that regret being first adopters since the new version of an application sometimes drives away to a new trend in an effort to either bring in a different type of customer, or if they had a change in development staff.
Either way, sometimes you just don’t want that newer version and want to replace it with the older one. But can’t find that install anymore? You might be in luck. and both deal in older versions of the materials. Unfortunately, most of the applications are actually shareware or freeware, but there are a couple applications out there that are paid installs (there are not many that are installable anymore without a DVD). Obviously you’d need the serials for these applications (the non-free ones) but it’s still a great resource to track down that one application that you just can’t live without. Buggy or not.