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Movable Type Plugin: FriendFeed Comments

Remember when there was the WordPress plugin for FriendFeed and how it imported your comments?
Well, it seems like there’s the same that goes for Movable Type. What’s neat about this is that it basically will repost the comments from FriendFeed directly into your blog as comments. This makes the conversation more worthwhile since you’re able to read transactions that not only happened on the blog, but on FF without having to go track it down on FF. Perhaps a fluke, but at the time that this plugin actually was installed, I noticed a tremendous shift in MySQL queries to the blog. Not sure if this happens with others, but I would definitely keep an eye on it and report it to the author (Mark Carey) if it still exists.

Deus Ex Machina

AC_Deus2.jpg You have got to admit that this is one of the most interesting designs of transportation. It’s familiar since it’s been seen in anime and games before but in actual reality? Never, until now.
Being able to achieve 0-60mph in three seconds and worn as an exoskeleton is definitely one of the most interesting ideas for a while considering most transportation are ones that you get into and on top of. Unfortunately, there’s really not much in the likes of storage for this and thus makes the concept … well, purely a concept. I’d still love to see this go down the freeway though. Strangely enough, you would think that to gain speed, you would have the the vehicle and person closer to the ground for less wind resistance. It’d be nice to see it in action. Regardless, this is one concept design that is neat in reality. Made by Yamaha.

Three letters for why I won’t buy an iPhone

170px-IPhoneSeattle.jpg GSM.
Yes, you got it. The infrastructure technology keeps me from ever adopting this phone regardless of how absolutely wonderful it is. And there’s a good reason for it.
Having worked in the cellular industry for almost ten years, there is a tendency to understand how each technology is developed and how it performs under all sorts of environments. Alongside this, call quality and drop call rates are among the type of performance statistics that I have to see on a daily basis. And call me crazy when I say that if I buy a phone, call quality seems rather important to me outside of the gadgets arena.
GSM while adopted in more places in the world due to a more mature technology, is also older and has its issues being that it does time division multiplexing. While drop calls are determined by a number of issues, there have been many times that I have called friends with domestic GSM service (only two major carriers in the United States currently). These calls often can fail one way eg. where one person can hear but not speak or will have a lot of interference but no one can actually figure out what’s wrong since the call remains up but it drops to a one-sided conversation.
I really like the iPhone, and would probably get one of the iPhone 3Gs in a heartbeat if they (Apple) ever decide to start selling CDMA versions and look outside of the AT&T exclusive agreement. But with their current selection of a GSM carrier just drives me absolutely batty when it comes to voice calls. And let’s face it. You buy a phone to talk on it, not to surf the web and write emails or update your FriendFeed. Well, maybe you do, but the rest of us don’t.
Photo Credit: (elisfanclub)

OpenX – Single Page Calls

logo_openx.png With OpenX’s latest beta and the upcoming release of 2.6, there’s this fancy pants feature called “single page call“.
This is definitely worth your while to use since this allows your sites that you’re feeding the advertising from the OpenX server to make only one single call instead of multiple calls per page (depending on the number of zones). In this case, you make one single call and thus decreasing the load on the ad server, but also making the loading much quicker.
Definitely worthwhile to implement if you use OpenX.

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

Went to an opening weekend matinee and have to say that this was one of THE BEST movies of this year, if not in a while.
While there was the tragic death of Heath Ledge (Joker) months before the movie, there was little doubt that this movie was going to anything but spectacular. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was even more blown away by how much darker this film was and how it kept you on the edge of your seat the entire 152 minutes.
One of the few movies that I’ve been to in a while that received applause at the end, there definitely was a lot of chatter after the film. This was not only a peek into the mind of a psychopath, but also a peek into the mind of someone that was willing to self-sacrifice for the sake of something he loved, and how someone could rise so high to be torn back down to nothing.
While this movie was rated PG-13, I personally would not take a child of thirteen to this film. The entire movie is filled with the psychosis of the Joker and as dark as the entire film was, it should have been rated R. That being said, there were many little kids at the film and I’m not sure they understood how crazy the “Why so serious?” guy was.
Speaking of that, there was an entire viral marketing campaign to promote the movie also from whysoserious.com which was downplayed after the death of Ledger. From there you can see that there’s thehahatimes.com, atasteofthetheatrical.com, and a few others. There’s even a personality test to see if you can become you know who’s henchman. There’s also a bunch of websites that seem to be “defaced” by whomever this lunatic is that’s doing it. There are also a number of listings with actual phone numbers to call. If you decide to dial those numbers, you’ll get some pretty amusing things that are related to the film.
This movie was one of the best films and I’m definitely going to get it on Blu-ray when it comes out. Despite some differences to the comics regarding Harvey Dent, I think that the complexity and darkness of Batman was depicted very well in a believable realistic environment. And if you don’t believe this review, then go watch the one from Spill which gave it a Better Than Sex review.
Photo Credit: (Gandalf)

Air Icon Generator

air_icon_generator.jpg If you’re looking for a quick way to create icons for your Air applications, the Air Icon Generator is a great way to do it.
Air applications are basically things that are written with Adobe Air, which is something kind of like Flash. It allows you to create some of these pretty basic icons for the applications and get you started. All you have to give it is the background color, the text, and choose if you want the star shape or the square. Either one actually looks pretty decent for a quick application.
I can’t translate a lot of the things from the blog, but as far as I can tell, this application does have some decent reviews of it and helps beginner Air developers along without having to hassle with icon generation.

iTunes Saturday

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

WordPress Plugin: FriendFeed Comments

wordpress.jpg If you’re checking out FriendFeed lately, you’ll notice that you can basically feed it all of your blogs and rss feeds along with all sorts of other social services. It’s basically a one stop shop where people can comment and like or not like your feed.
Well, sometimes the conversation isn’t heard back on the blog, if someone posts on the topic in FriendFeed. No big deal. FriendFeed Comments now consolidates those commentary back to the blog itself. This makes the conversation a lot more interactive and makes sure that you hear about your posts one way or another. This plugin itself is for WordPress and is compatible from version 2.3 to the latest and greatest.

Movie Review: Vantage Point

Finally got to rent Vantage Point and I can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed.
Strangely enough, whenever I see Dennis Quaid with a serious face, it reminds me of Harrison Ford. Crazy isn’t it. And in this, he’s got that serious face the entire time. The movie itself is very interesting since it begins with a television producer’s perspective while she’s directing the entire scene from the news command center. Amusing enough, the station is called GNN, probably a spoof off of CNN.
The secondary viewpoint is with a Secret Service agent’s perspective, then rewinds and plays another perspective but adds a little more time to it, and keeps doing that from different perspectives until you finally get most of the storyline. That’s when they throw you to the action and chase scenes.
While I’m not sure what sort of code names Secret Service now gives to designate the President, there were names like Eagle, and POTUS (President of the United States) thrown around by the secret agents. I assume that it actually changes for protection of the President in real life, but it was definitely interesting to see movie depictions of how they perform.
The movie itself shows that while things could ultimately go wrong sometimes, there’s always someone out there that is doing the right thing and helping “save the world”. One of those, be glad that there are people out there doing so, type of things. Thomas Barnes (Quaid) was one of those people. Strangely enough, during the entire film I wondered if Barnes actually had a family or not. This makes a big difference to heroes that put everything on the line since those that are willing to take more risks (aka. James Bond effect) usually do not have a family and thus no emotional ties.
Either way, the entire antiterrorism summit covered from different “vantage points” was a different style of movie and definitely kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Definitely recommended.


iBackup.jpg I recently used iBackup as a freeware alternative to Time Machine, since I haven’t had time to go and get a Time Capsule yet. And boy does it work. You can backup pretty much everything as long as you can mount the drive, regardless of if it’s locally or on the network. You can’t burn to DVD but it’s definitely totally worthwhile for a network backup.
What’s interesting is that you can schedule it and select what you want backed up. The bad thing is that it does create a copy of everything first, and then sends it over, so you have to have the extra space involved in actually doing a mirror copy. Outside of that, it took me somewhere around a couple hours to do a full scale backup which isn’t too bad considering I was doing everything else under the sun while this was going on.
Definitely worthwhile for your MacOSX system if you’re looking for something that allows you to select the files that you need to be backed up. Again, it doesn’t do burn to divisible DVDs, but it works very well for network backups.