ncftp is just so beautiful when it comes to recursion

I happen to adore ncftp. When it comes to server to server transfers, there are a couple ways to approach this. One is to use a ftp client that supports fxp. I’ll go into this in more detail later.
Another way is to use one server, and access the other via a ftp transfer. Unfortunately, regular ftp doesn’t allow recursion into subdirectories and thus making it a nightmare to move files. Not really a problem at all. Just fire up the ole’ shell and use ncftp. ncftp actually allows you to enter username and password (anonymous ftp by default) and also has recursion built in.
When you’re in the directory that you need to grab, just do: get -r *
Then you can wait while this nifty ftp client just grabs everything for you. Saves the day many times over. And allows you time for that coffee that you usually don’t have time for.