Movie Review: Untraceable

There’s always something about Internet type movies that I really like. It’s usually amusing to see how everything is so “easy” and GUI based.
This particular movie was about how an FBI agent chased after cybercrimes on the Internet, and would seemingly have this really easy way of doing everything with fake accounts to catch hackers and script kiddies. Yet, there is this one psychopath that starts up a website called “” and the more people that log onto it, the faster the people that are displayed on there die a horrific death. So in essence, the people that were viewing the website would in fact play a part in the death of the person.
The whole premise of the movie was that this guy was amazing with his DNS re-routes and would have everything mirrored in Russian sites so that if one was shut down, another one was redirected so the live stream would continue. What’s interesting is that in reality, the domain itself would be the single point of failure. Unless domain servers were poisoned, this would fix the entire issue.
All in all, Untraceable wasn’t a bad flick outside of the technicalities. It held me enough to watch the rest of it, although it didn’t wow me on any plot twists or what not. Pretty much typical thriller movie and rather predictable after you get most of facts of who’s who.