Movie Review: The Dark Knight

Went to an opening weekend matinee and have to say that this was one of THE BEST movies of this year, if not in a while.
While there was the tragic death of Heath Ledge (Joker) months before the movie, there was little doubt that this movie was going to anything but spectacular. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was even more blown away by how much darker this film was and how it kept you on the edge of your seat the entire 152 minutes.
One of the few movies that I’ve been to in a while that received applause at the end, there definitely was a lot of chatter after the film. This was not only a peek into the mind of a psychopath, but also a peek into the mind of someone that was willing to self-sacrifice for the sake of something he loved, and how someone could rise so high to be torn back down to nothing.
While this movie was rated PG-13, I personally would not take a child of thirteen to this film. The entire movie is filled with the psychosis of the Joker and as dark as the entire film was, it should have been rated R. That being said, there were many little kids at the film and I’m not sure they understood how crazy the “Why so serious?” guy was.
Speaking of that, there was an entire viral marketing campaign to promote the movie also from which was downplayed after the death of Ledger. From there you can see that there’s,, and a few others. There’s even a personality test to see if you can become you know who’s henchman. There’s also a bunch of websites that seem to be “defaced” by whomever this lunatic is that’s doing it. There are also a number of listings with actual phone numbers to call. If you decide to dial those numbers, you’ll get some pretty amusing things that are related to the film.
This movie was one of the best films and I’m definitely going to get it on Blu-ray when it comes out. Despite some differences to the comics regarding Harvey Dent, I think that the complexity and darkness of Batman was depicted very well in a believable realistic environment. And if you don’t believe this review, then go watch the one from Spill which gave it a Better Than Sex review.
Photo Credit: (Gandalf)