Movie Review: P.S. I Love You

Yes, this was a teary story. Yes, I did cry.
Wuss? Hey. I’m just getting in touch with my feminine side. Most women like that. In any case, this movie was very touching since right at the beginning you’ll find that Gerard Butler’s character, Gerry, passes away from a brain tumor. Yet, he mysteriously keeps sending his wife, Holly, letters in the mail on little things to do so that she can remember him, but also move on with her life.
In helping her with the grief, he has two of her good friends and herself go to Ireland for a trip where she meets one of Gerry’s old band mates. From there on out it’s a story of remembrance along with grief and the time spent in one’s memory.
All in all, P.S. I Love You was one of those movies that you sit at home and on the couch with a box of kleenex and homemade popcorn for. If you don’t have a loved one to watch it with, then just grab the nearest throw or pet, and hold on tight while you sob away at this love story.
On second thought, your pet might not like the movie. Then just give that throw a chance.