Losing cellular coverage while on your headset?

Interestingly enough, if you’re on a bluetooth headset, and you happen to have your phone in a purse sitting on your passenger seat and you drop the call at the same place every time, but yet it doesn’t happen when you’re on the handset itself, there’s a good way around this.
Go buy yourself something to put the phone higher up than the seat. Basically elevation is the key.
The reasoning behind this is because sometimes there are handoffs between base stations that are a bit less optimized or are farther apart. The handoff actually is made usually, but based on geography and other physical interferers, there just isn’t the signal strength when it’s down low. So, just like WiFi where you should place antennas higher to gain more coverage, the same concept is true with cell phones on the receiving end just to increase the chance of less interference and less likelihood of going through RF holes.
Photo Credit: (ztephen)