Lewis N. Clark Multipurpose pouch

When we were on our cruise, one of the purchases we made was very similar to the Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Multipurpose pouch. It’s a triple ziplock with fold over buttons and made of heavy vinyl.
What was great about this was that usually when you have a large family, there’s always someone that can rotate in and out to watch the stuff. But when you go to the beach with only one or two people, you have to carry everything with you. And if you want to get into the water, then it’s tough cookies if you want to bring some ID, cash or even a watch.
We didn’t try any electronics, but we did have a watch in our pouch and it was dry as a bone along with all of our identification when we had hit the beach. We’re talking, strapped around my neck while we were in the water, and also under my shirt while being soaked by spray as we cruised along on Waverunners. This is entirely worthwhile investment when everyone wants to get into the water. No one has to be left out. Believe me, when I say that this pouch is going with us on a cruise again.