iBackup.jpg I recently used iBackup as a freeware alternative to Time Machine, since I haven’t had time to go and get a Time Capsule yet. And boy does it work. You can backup pretty much everything as long as you can mount the drive, regardless of if it’s locally or on the network. You can’t burn to DVD but it’s definitely totally worthwhile for a network backup.
What’s interesting is that you can schedule it and select what you want backed up. The bad thing is that it does create a copy of everything first, and then sends it over, so you have to have the extra space involved in actually doing a mirror copy. Outside of that, it took me somewhere around a couple hours to do a full scale backup which isn’t too bad considering I was doing everything else under the sun while this was going on.
Definitely worthwhile for your MacOSX system if you’re looking for something that allows you to select the files that you need to be backed up. Again, it doesn’t do burn to divisible DVDs, but it works very well for network backups.