Deus Ex Machina

AC_Deus2.jpg You have got to admit that this is one of the most interesting designs of transportation. It’s familiar since it’s been seen in anime and games before but in actual reality? Never, until now.
Being able to achieve 0-60mph in three seconds and worn as an exoskeleton is definitely one of the most interesting ideas for a while considering most transportation are ones that you get into and on top of. Unfortunately, there’s really not much in the likes of storage for this and thus makes the concept … well, purely a concept. I’d still love to see this go down the freeway though. Strangely enough, you would think that to gain speed, you would have the the vehicle and person closer to the ground for less wind resistance. It’d be nice to see it in action. Regardless, this is one concept design that is neat in reality. Made by Yamaha.