Beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to tourism

I’m reminded today by my good friend Dave, that if your town or city is dependent on tourism, then one can’t be choosy when times are tough. His example is based on Myrtle Beach, where times have hit it a bit rougher due to skyrocketing gas prices and such.
Yet, he says that there are those trying to get rid of May Bike weeks and some fuss over promoting to gay tourists. Beggars can’t be choosers when times are tough. Truthfully, you shouldn’t be choosy at all considering these are the same people that are willing to drop money for their entertainment and you being dependent on those coming in. If anything, if people don’t want to deal with the crowds, then prominently advertise those weeks so that other tourists that don’t want to deal with these things won’t have to do so.
And if you live there and you’re hating all the noise or fuss? Hey. I feel for you, living on the beach. Uhh. Not really. You chose to live in a tourism-based area so deal. If it wasn’t for tourism, Myrtle Beach wouldn’t have even half of the restaurants and entertainment that it does currently.
Photo Credit: (JimmyOKelly)