Be careful of cell phone calls on cruises

A thing to remember when you take a cruise.
If you’re crossing international waters, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you have bars on your phone, that it’s going to be a local call. If you cross international borders and you’re using the base stations that are roaming in say, the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands, then you’ll be paying for it through the nose with international roaming charges.
And believe me, most people don’t know it until they see the bill. And there’s nothing that the cruise line can do about it since it’s tied to your cellular carrier. The last international plan that I looked at a long time ago was AT&T’s World phone plan, and it wasn’t cheap. Which should give you an inkling of what international roaming would cost.
Sprint’s cruise ship roaming costs $2.49 a minute. If you have an international phone roaming plan, then it’ll vary from country to country, but it seems like it’s about $2USD a minute on average. Why is this a killer on the pocketbook? Before my recent vacation to the Virgin Islands, I checked with Royal Caribbean on roaming. The agent told me that it’s been a while since she’s had a call about the roaming charges, but she had a distraught customer that had racked up a $1400USD phone bill. Unfortunately, RCL couldn’t do anything about it even if they wanted to since it’s based on the carrier the customer was with at the time.
So just know the lines you cross. Don’t want a huge bill waiting for you when you get back home since you had great coverage and thought you were okay to call.
Photo Credit: (the queen of subtle)