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Housing bill bailout shameful

When I read about the housing bill bailout by Congress, I was ashamed. Ashamed that Congress would even bother with something like this. Why are they? It’s an election year. And that is the ONLY reason.
Why? Let’s take a look at how a mortgage works. The lender and lendee go into a contract. The lender says that these are the terms and the lendee signs off into that contract. Now while many lenders did not do due diligence to make sure the homeowner knew what they were getting into… hey, if you signed on the dotted line then you’re also responsible. It takes two parties to make a loan happen, and because someone is fiscally irresponsible is no excuse for a bailout.
Just as it was wrong to bailout lenders that have taken a hit because they played the risk and instead of high capitalization, they lost on the risk. Fiscal responsibility is a just as it sounds. Responsibility in both business and/or signing on loans that you can actually afford. In the same breath, I can say that there is no way my business could survive if I took out a $500,000USD loan for operating expenditures when I fully well know that my profits don’t even amount close to that amount. Thus, it’s not fiscally responsible.
This bailout just shows that Congress is out to “buy” the votes instead of doing what they should be doing, which is not helping those that make bad judgment calls. There are plenty of people currently that do not live beyond their means. So why should the rest of these people pay in taxes for a bill that bails out those that continue to max out their credit limit and live in housing that doesn’t reflect their incomes? It just shouldn’t happen.

Ginger Chews packaging look scary

gingerchews.jpg Saw this at Target recently.
And I have to say, somehow or another it’s friggin’ scary looking. Something about a ginger root with a face is just plain frightening. Like Alice in Wonderland freaky. I know that it’s a root, but does it have to look like that? Ick.
What’s even more strange is that I’ve seen something similar in the asian candies and you can figure that this type of cutesy ginger root figure would be in asian packaging, but when its origins is out of Aussieland, it’s just baffling. In any case, if you’re into crystallized ginger or want something a bit whacky to try, I suggest picking up a package. Just be forewarned that the Ginger People are coming.

Solaris: Adding a new user

solaris.jpg User additions are no different in Solaris. The useradd command is what’s used to do the addition (must be done as the root user).
The -g flag defines which group you’re adding the user into, and the -d flag defines the user’s home directory. Obviously the last part is the username that you’re trying to add. Also, always remember to use the -m flag. This flag creates the user’s initial directory structure from the skeleton directory, and gives it the right permissions. If you forget to do this, you’ll have to do it manually.
# useradd -g users -m -d /home/export/username username

GTalk gadget

gtalk_logo.gif GTalk gadget has added group chat and having tried it recently, I have to say that it’s pretty neat.
The web interface version is done in Adobe Flash, which makes the links that come up kind of annoying in browsers like Safari since you can’t open the links in a new tab or what not. But otherwise, it’s a decent chat room piece just like most decent rooms. You can invite anyone with a gmail account to join (specifically, Gtalk). There are a couple weird things that happen with at least Safari. Beeps occur sometimes out of the blue for each message, then they go away. Not really sure why that is, but it’s definitely strange that it’s intermittent.
Overall, it was a pretty nice experience although it’d be better if it was directly integrated into GTalk and Jabber, since that’s what makes it so nice in AdiumX for chatting on AIM and Yahoo IM chatrooms.

iTunes Saturday

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

PartyChat for GTalk

gtalk_logo.gif PartyChat is a persistent chat room for GTalk. Basically what this means is that you can create a chatroom directly through the jabber client without having to mess with other things like web clients.
The bot itself does the entire conversation relay and if you exit from the client, you will still be joined to the last room when you relogin to your client unless you exit from the room itself (thus persistent). From what I can tell, it’s basically just a relay bot similar to an eggdrop for IRC or what not.
It is open sourced so if you think you can do better, definitely take a shot at it. All you have to do is add the bot to your Jabber Client and feed it some commands and away you go. Kind of like SmarterChild actually.

Anime Review: X

With both X – The Movie and the X television series, X is one of those older animes that talk about post apocalytical battle.
Basically, the main character must choose a side to fight it out and depending on his choice will undoubtedly change the course of the world. Pretty usual, and the fights are actually pretty good if you watch the anime first. In fact, I would recommend not to watch the movie until you finish watching the anime itself since it wouldn’t make as much sense otherwise.
The film itself is the exact same story but with a bit more focus on Kamui and less on the Dragons of Heaven and Dragons of Earth.
All in all, it was a pretty good series, although I have to say that the very first episode was entirely strange until you realize later on what it meant. Basically, it’s supposed to be a primer for the series for those that haven’t read the manga, but it really just gives away bits and pieces of the story. The only bad thing about it is that you don’t know how each part fits in since that’s all the dreamgazer for the Dragon of the Earth saw. For the most part, the entire storyline is pretty tragic and sad, but that’s also to be expected from such apocalyptic fiction.
Personally, I still find that my favorite of this genre still is Ergo Proxy, but X definitely had a nice feel to it nonetheless.

Solaris: changing a user’s shell

solaris.jpg This is another system administrative command that doesn’t really change from linux.
If you take a look at the command passwd, it doesn’t just change passwords. In fact, if you do:
passwd -e username
You will be shown the user’s current shell, and be asked for a new shell. Most people just use the default one for the system which usually is either ksh or bash, but to each their own on what you like. There are also ways to actually change the shell itself through the .profile upon login but that’s for another day.

Beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to tourism

I’m reminded today by my good friend Dave, that if your town or city is dependent on tourism, then one can’t be choosy when times are tough. His example is based on Myrtle Beach, where times have hit it a bit rougher due to skyrocketing gas prices and such.
Yet, he says that there are those trying to get rid of May Bike weeks and some fuss over promoting to gay tourists. Beggars can’t be choosers when times are tough. Truthfully, you shouldn’t be choosy at all considering these are the same people that are willing to drop money for their entertainment and you being dependent on those coming in. If anything, if people don’t want to deal with the crowds, then prominently advertise those weeks so that other tourists that don’t want to deal with these things won’t have to do so.
And if you live there and you’re hating all the noise or fuss? Hey. I feel for you, living on the beach. Uhh. Not really. You chose to live in a tourism-based area so deal. If it wasn’t for tourism, Myrtle Beach wouldn’t have even half of the restaurants and entertainment that it does currently.
Photo Credit: (JimmyOKelly)

Solaris: Adding a default route

solaris.jpg One of the things to get internet working in Solaris, is to edit the defaultrouter file. Usually it’s one single line that has your gateway address in it.
So if you add this to /etc/defaultrouter, you should be up and running. One of the basic rookie mistakes is to not set this file and then hunt all over the place trying to figure out why networking doesn’t work with the new box. Believe me. I’ve done it. It doesn’t take much. So one of the first things to check is always make sure that there is an ip address in defaultrouter and make sure that it is actually your gateway.