The Netflix Player by Roku

rokunetflix.jpg Got the player yesterday and opened the box.
Have to say that it’s super easy setup. The three minutes setup? Definitely exactly what it says. The setup starts out with you choosing wired or wireless setup. Now what’s interesting part. Ran into a little of trouble because of my Netgear FVG318. It’s always had an issue the Vonage ATA, and the technical support could never figure out that an ATA was a hardware device and not a “Windows control panel” issue.
Apparently you can’t connect to the local network regardless if you tried to do it via a wired network or a wireless. I called Roku technical support and they told me that they had some issues with Netgear before, and also Belkin. They wanted me to connect it directly to the modem to get the latest firmware to see if that would work.
Thankfully I could bypass this by connecting it wirelessly through another router that I had on the network behind the Netgear. Yeah, go figure that I bypassed through another device that was behind the Netgear. In any case, it worked like a flash and the activation tied to the account by sending a five letter code that was linked directly to the Netflix account.
Then it downloaded the instant queue, and off you go. The controls are very quick reacting, and easy to use. And you’re off and running with your Netflix account.
This is great since the streaming movies are quick at buffering and it seems to do really well. There are a number of older movies as well as some newer ones and the library keeps getting larger. You can pause, and there is a timer skip. Unfortunately, there isn’t a chapter skip yet, and one of the bad things is that if you want to watch a movie that is in another language with subtitles, that isn’t possible. Now why couldn’t they create another stream with the language track and subtitles? There is a lot of things that could be done to make this product a lot better.
That’s part of the Netflix product. The hardware firmware seems to be supported decently by Roku, which means that there will definitely be new features that come to these boxes in the future. Hopefully, we’ll see Netflix only in the beginning stages of this new venture with Roku. If so, this gadget was well worth the one-time fee. Especially since the streaming audio and video part of it is doing splendidly.