Polaroid PoGo Printer

Polaroid has come out with a new portable printer for those that are always on the go. And this one uses ZINK (Zero Ink) technology and Bluetooth. Basically, hook this baby up to your cell phone, and transfer over the pictures, and voila! You’re printing these tiny sticker pictures right from your phone! Nice part about this, is that ZINK uses color heat crystals so no smudges, no yuckies and no ink cartridges to change in the printer.
For $149USD, it’s a little pricey, but being that it’s available at Target and Best Buy, I would imagine that it’ll actually drop in price at some point. What’s more interesting is that the whole sticker-picture thing is very similar to a thing Polaroid did a while ago called the Polaroid i-Zone Pocket Instant Camera. Postage sized film that had sticker backing.