Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

After all the great reviews about this fountain, I figured that the kitties needed it too. Really, one of the big things was that it seemed to make a lot of kitty owners happy not only because they drink more water but they quit drinking from the toilets and such.
Well, I have to admit that the kitties definitely do drink a lot more water. And there’s enough fresh water that if we’re gone for a couple days, that the kitties will be okay for water. This particular one runs over 200 ounces and keeps it continuously flowing. The pump is pretty quiet, and one of the kitties like to drink from the stream, while the other likes to drink from the pool.
While it hasn’t stopped them from being curious about the toilet at all unlike the owner reviews, I still can recommend the Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain as a worthwhile purchase for your cats.