Movie Review: The Golden Compass

interestingly enough, when I rented this movie, I was expecting some really bashing messages due to the publicity from religious groups on how the book’s author (from which the movie is based) was an atheist and the trilogy itself had anti-Christian themes. But fearing not that this was anything but movie magic, I trudged on.
And boy was I not disappointed. This was a great children’s movie in a world of magic and technology. In fact, while the film’s technology in the make-believe world was a bit off, it did remind me of steampunk. Which is “oh-so-cool”.
To myself, this story was one of a little girl that was searching for answers in the world and trying to save her friends. She has the naivety that only child can get away with and boldness to question that only a child would. In fact, personally I found that if there was any film that would make Christian groups mad, it would have been Da Vinci Code (of which they did) but this movie was nothing more than something similar to Harry Potter.
Of course, if you don’t believe me, then go rent it for yourself. If you aren’t convinced that there is nothing there but to entertain children and adults alike, then there are more things that are concerning you than The Golden Compass. Myself, I don’t let it bother me that there are weird people out there that look for strange drawings of supposed sexual nature in Disney animation. It’s just a kid’s movie. Just sit back, and enjoy it.