I don’t know why Fidgit by SciFi exists…

fidgit.jpg Just recently, SciFi put out Fidgit, another gaming news site. Here’s the rub. No one knows exactly why SciFi is doing this.
It’s very similar to the whole “ratings” game I suppose when they brought ECW into the mix. Had absolutely nothing to do with the core channel, but they were desperate for other people than the core group I suppose. Very similar to how G4 took a nosedive and still trying to reinvent itself.
Well, Fidgit is here to stay at least for a while, so here are the few issues with it right off the bat. First, the immediate reaction is that there’s no content there that I can’t get from Joystiq, IGN, or 1UP. It doesn’t specialize in anything (of which, specializing in science fiction based games would be one way to re-gain niche market control and then eventually your growth business could extend out into other genres.
But the biggest thing? It’s the CNAME. I can’t get past how super noob it is. The actual URL is http://fidgit.com and if you try to use the www CNAME, it does a forward to fidgit.com instead of actually also resolving to the same place. From a tech perspective, that’s just … non-professional. Everyone in the free world all use www. So not having it is just plain weird.
Maybe it’s just me, but it’s really not grabbing me and there’s no niche that it plays, so it’s not even worth throwing into my feed readers. Maybe the site will grow up a little later on and will be worth revisiting, but currently it’s just not my cup of tea.
Love SciFi. Hate Fidgit.