Anime Review: Lady Death

In 2004, ADV films released Lady Death – The Motion Picture, based on the Lady Death from the comic book Evil Ernie by Eternity Comics. The premise is pretty interesting since Lady Death is the daughter of Lucifer where in life, her love was taken from her and she could not forgive her father (whom she did not know was the devil) for taking her loved one. For tricking her into hell, she vows to destroy her father.
It’s a conflict within the Gates of Hell, where an offspring of the the Prince of Darkness takes on the Prince on in an all out war in Hell. The overall movie itself is done in a very 1990s fashion which is surprising considering when it came out. Obviously the budget for this film was low too since there are a lot of cheesy lines and the voice acting is pretty terrible in my opinion. It’s almost like a B-rated film in animated form.
While the comic book art is actually pretty amazing, the animated form is a bit lacking. Not exactly my cup of tea, but if there are those that are fans of Lady Death then there might be some nostalgic value in this film.