Anime Review: Darkside Blues

An older anime, but definitely very interesting since Darkside comes from this mirror world where he’s been banished for eighteen years and comes to protect one of the last places on earth where it’s free: the Kabuki-cho district of Tokyo.
In this futuristic era, the Persona Century Corporation has taken over most of earth lead by these people whom watch from above in a satellite orbiting. Many are cyborgs, enhanced with armaments or have extremely fast movements. In this case, they are lead by one that only dons a golden mask whom is trying to quell the rebellious faction called Messiah whom is based in Kabuki-cho.
Darkside Blues is definitely one of those interesting movies, but you don’t understand half of what’s going on since you didn’t read the manga (which means, read the manga before you watch the movie). It ends with a closing scene that obviously is an opening for a sequel, but even that is hard to describe why it ended the way it did. Very strange, but captivating older anime film.