Why I really love Bank of America ATMs

Usually, I’m not too fond of Windows driven devices. Especially ones that are handling my money. While embedded Windows runs a lot better than your average PC, it still does blue screen every so often and that’s not exactly what you want.
Even so? I still love Bank of America‘s new ATMs. Due strictly to their deposit functionality.
See, I’ve been dealing strictly with ATMs since 1995 or so when I opened an account up with SeaFirst which eventually got bought out by BAC. What’s interesting is that the account I had was free checking because you only dealt with ATMs. No matter. Deposits were simple enough since you could just drop a check in a deposit form and have it looked at later on.
But now?? NOW?? This is where I get excited.
Deposit envelopes? Who needs that? You insert your money or check directly into a feeder and it basically scans it and shows it on the screen. It even has OCR and reads the amount deposited to help you determine if the amount deposited is correct. After you’re done, the receipt even has a print-out of the scanned check just so you know that everything is fine and dandy.
Bank of America might be this juggernaut in the banking industry but they have done some pretty fantastic things that I’m really happy about. Yes, one of them happens to be those new ATMs.
Photo Credit: (The Consumerist)