Too lazy to reach for that lever in your car?

What gives?
Are you just too lazy to even reach for that lever when you shift from lane to lane?
What about when you turn left, or right?
I know it’s a group of muscles that you rarely use, and outstretching a few fingers is painful even for the youngest of folks, but it really would mean the world to those that are driving around you to actually know what you’re doing.
I know I might be asking too much here, seeing that we just met and all, but really. If you can’t do it for me, do it for that special someone in your life.
Okay okay, do it for yourself. Either way. Those muscles in your fingers will thank you. People around you will thank you. And I for one won’t have to wonder if you’re shifting into the lane that I’m about to shift into or if you’re just daydreaming about a date with a young Hollywood star and drifting over.
Being that it’s our first time, I urge you to go slowly. I know it’s a long and difficult road ahead, but you might want to practice doing it while parked. When you feel like you’re ready for the next stage, then perhaps you can start to move around and signal while turning in a parking lot. Adventurous ones can play on the major roadways but be cautious for there are others out there.
Others just like you used to be.
And they must also be educated in the ways.
Photo Credit: (ismh)