Sprint website hates Mac users

Oh yes. If you currently go to the Sprint website, and you happen to look for a Sprint store with their locator? The above is what you’ll get if you don’t use Internet Explorer or Firefox.
In all reality, this site probably hates the Opera browser (which by the way is the #3 browser in rankings) which would be Windows or Mac users. Just thought it was interesting. Why? Well, they do sell EVDO modems that are for Mac use. Well, sorta. In actuality, the Sprint software doesn’t support Mac. There are ways around this, seeing that the actual usage of the EVDO modems actually can be made to work on a Mac, but it’s still not a “supported solution”.
Regardless, I thought it was very interesting when I was “searching” for a Sprint store and told I couldn’t because they set up a browser requirement on “store searching”. Ick.