ScoopFree Ultra Litter Box

The cool thing of getting a nice litter box like the ScoopFree LB2 Ultra Litter Box is that there’s a lot less poopie and peepee smell.
And less poopie and peepee smell is definitely a good thing. The difference between the latest model and the LB1 is that the LB1 doesn’t include a hood (which helps with smell) and the LB2 has an adjustable timer versus a fixed. Otherwise, they’re pretty much the same litter box.
One thing to be wary about is that this litter box was made for crystal litter. That stuff basically sucks up moisture like pee and such. I assume it does with the poop too. Kind of like the silicate packets that come in a lot of packaging to keep moisture out of the product. Well, crystal litter is great and all, but you have to change the entire stuff out every so often.
ScoopFree actually sells replacement cartridges, which will run you about fifteen dollars a piece. This is okay and all, but I would recommend getting a Forever Litter Tray (yes, I did purchase one). These are permanent trays that you basically replace the litter and can save you a bunch of money in the long run. They are a custom product but so far, I haven’t had an issue with them and they are guaranteed against leaking and such.
Altogether, the entire litter box combo will run you somewhere a bit over the two hundred mark but it’s well worth it when you account for the times you have to clean kitty stuff and instead spend that time to play with them!