OfficeMax can’t seem to deliver a chair in three weeks

officemax.jpeg I’m sitting here in disbelief.
Seriously. What does it take to deliver an office chair? About three weeks ago, I ordered this office chair. Nice thing, but they didn’t have it it in the store. So they ordered one for me and told me that shipping was free and they could deliver it straight to me.
What a deal, right? Two weeks later, I’m doing some billing and I noticed that a charge was made to the card. Wait a second, I didn’t receive a chair.
So I called. They said that the order was on its way back to the warehouse since UPS couldn’t deliver to the address. Strange, so I had them repeat the address. They put in an extra digit. Now, how you do that, considering I had the carbon copy in front of me and it was neatly printed, is beyond me… but let’s just call it a mistake. No big deal.
The CSR assured me that someone would call me Monday and latest Tuesday on a replacement order. Guess what? It’s Wednesday. Called OfficeMax. They claim no such replacement was made. On top of it, they said that they’ve credited my card, but I don’t see anything yet.
I guess I’ll wait until the end of the week to make sure that they’ve actually given my money back. Never thought it’d be this much hassle just to get an office chair. Three weeks without a product? And I’m willingly trying to give them my money. On the last call, the lady actually asked me if I wanted to re-order the chair. No thanks. It might turn into another three week ordeal. Next time, maybe I should just order it from Amazon.