Music Review: Maximum the Hormone – Bu Ikikaesu

All I can say is that this band is rocking my world. Rocking it hard.
This band is a mixture of punk rock, and death metal and everything in between. They’re so versatile that this album even has a song that reminds me some of 1950s music mixed with current rock.
The opening and closing songs that were used in the second season of the anime television series, Death Note are both on here which actually reminded me of the American group, Linkin Park. But then there are some songs on there that have a heavier feel like P.O.D..
Nawo, the drummer, brings a softer feel to some of the songs, and actually the craziness of this group really works well together. They usually pose with the fist of rock, which is pretty awesome too.
They mix a lot of English, and Japanese words spoken quickly that sound very much like English. So a lot of it is pretty interesting since it takes some getting used to on what the lyrics are. It probably doesn’t help that some of their songs have some really quick lyrics that rattle off like an auctioneer. I’m not sure I could speak that fast, let alone sing that quickly.
This import Bu Ikikaesu will run you about fifty bucks unfortunately being that it’s not available via iTunes yet. But this latest album is still worth every penny.