Movie Review: Stargate – The Ark of Truth

With the cancellation of the Stargate SG-1 series off of Sci-Fi, fans were much disappointed with no resolution to the Ori arc.
However, there was a great thing that happened. Robert C. Cooper, whom directed and produced this film, basically provided the ending via a film. The goal was to shift the television series to a straight-to-DVD type format and provide fans with not only resolution of the storylines, but understanding of where and how the Ori went and how the Priors were pushing for a religious war that eventually was not justified.
Personally, I found the best part of Stargate – The Ark of Truth to be the tie-in with the King Arthur legend and spinning both an absolutely advanced civilization into how it was portrayed in a more primitive one. If one had a time device to travel back in time, even a flashlight would seem like “magic” would it not?
This was a great film that left most satisfied with the ending and looking forward to the new Stargate: Continuum movie that is currently in production (2008).