Movie Review: Death Sentence

Death Sentence (Unrated Edition) was surprisingly a pretty good film. Sometimes, action drama trailers show all the good parts in the movie. And I mean, ALL of the good parts. Good thing that this movie wasn’t like that.
In fact, Kevin Bacon as the father, where hit commits vigilant justice against the gangs that killed his son, and attack his family since the justice system wouldn’t put them away for what they did, basically played an amazing role. The entire time, I could feel myself feeling as angry as the father, since it seemed like a huge piece of your heart was ripped out of you and all the police and the DA could do was offer you a band-aid instead of sewing your back up.
While the movie is loosely based on the 1975 novel of the same name, author Brian Garfield gave it a great review, saying that: “I think it’s a stunningly good movie. In the details of its story it’s quite different from the novel, but it’s a movie, not a novel. In its cinematic way it connects with its audience and it makes the same point the book makes, and those are the things that count.”
Definitely worthwhile to watch if you have the time.