Movie Review: American Gangster

The story of
American Gangster revolves around a real-life drug lord during the Vietnam War era, named Frank Lucas (Washington). He had seen what went down in Harlem working for Bumpy, and learned the tricks of the trade. He smuggled heroin in and started to running the purest drug trafficking there called Blue Magic. Unfortunately, Jersey detective Richie Roberts (Crowe) is on his case.
Interesting little tidbit, but Frank Lucas actually grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. Yes, the mobster was a local boy. Sounded like it was a very tough time too, but seems like he went all the way from where he stood in his youth with petty crime to the big time, and then back to nothing again after the feds took him down.
I have to say that this film is definitely one of my all-time favorite gangster films now. Not quite a rich history as the Sicilians in Godfather but definitely interesting enough to actually watch mainly because the script was great, the location (shot in New York City), and the actors. Worth your while to spend some time with this one. For sure.